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Hey Matt here,

If you are a mesomorph looking for the best, most explosive way to put on muscle and get jacked then I’m glad you have found this page and I strongly suggest you keep reading….

Ectomorph BodybuilderIf you have read anything on my other websites then you will know that I put on 32lbs of pure muscle through using a perfectly tailored mesomorph workout that turned me from a skinny guy to being seriously big. In my site I talk about my transformation and give tips on the perfect diet for getting ripped and also the best workouts for skinny guys.

Also if you have read these posts you will know that I am a massive fan and a champion of Jason Ferruggia and his muscle building programs, which helped me stop being skinny and pack on THIRTY-TWO POUNDS of mass and muscle.

HOWEVER I am not skinny any more, I am strong and muscular, however as with any training I saw my gains start to plateau, as did my strength. I was stuck doing the same reps on the same weights but not being able to really move it on higher like I could before.

Luckily then I found another product from Jason and because of the huge success I had with his muscle gaining secrets program I knew I had to try it!


I think Jason is a brilliant motivator and he designs intense, manageable and results-driven mesomorph workouts. The opportunity to join his ‘inner circle’ gives you access to one-on-one advice and more resources for muscle building than you could possibly imagine.

The “Uncaged” muscle building program itself focuses on intensity and building strength and mass to get you jacked, without overloading you so that you look bloated. This program aims to make you the biggest and most shredded guy in the gym. It is the perfect follow on to his program for skinny guys, once they have discovered a love for body building and have put on their first major weight.It is EVEN MORE PERFECT for natural mesomorphs or ‘Easy Gainers’ and it will allow them to maximise their full potential. I can’t speak highly enough of Jason and his programs and this is yet another that has helped me enormously. I would say from my experience it is the very best one out there.

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There is one on one coaching, supplement and dietary plans, videos and even a forum to interact with other people who are also taking advantage of Jason’s amazing knowledge of muscle building.

I am excited to hear all your stories on your muscle growth and I’ll post up some pictures in the next few weeks with my progress shots!

Keep at it guys!





Matt Simpson

Founder of the Somatotype Fitness Network’