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Mesomorph Workout – The Essentials

Hey Matt here,

If you are a mesomorph looking for the best, most explosive way to put on muscle and get jacked then I’m glad you have found this page and I strongly suggest you keep reading….

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Ectomorph BodybuilderIf you have read anything on my other websites then you will know that I put on 32lbs of pure muscle through using a perfectly tailored mesomorph workout that turned me from a skinny guy to being seriously big. In my site I talk about my transformation and give tips on the perfect diet for getting ripped and also the best workouts for skinny guys.

Also if you have read these posts you will know that I am a massive fan and a champion of Jason Ferruggia and his muscle building programs, which helped me stop being skinny and pack on THIRTY-TWO POUNDS of mass and muscle.

HOWEVER I am not skinny any more, I am strong and muscular and after I finished Jason’s 90 day muscle gaining secrets program for skinny guys (which you can find HERE) I needed a program designed to maximise my new potential.

Mesomorph Transformation


So I had to find a new program but whilst I was doing this I saw my gains start to plateau, as did my strength. I was stuck doing the same reps on the same weights but not being able to really move it on higher like I could before.

Luckily then I found another product from Jason and because of the huge success I had with his muscle gaining secrets program I knew I had to try it!


I think Jason is a brilliant motivator and he designs intense, manageable and results-driven mesomorph workouts. The opportunity to join his ‘inner circle’ gives you access to one-on-one advice and more resources for muscle building than you could possibly imagine.

The “Uncaged” muscle building program itself focuses on intensity and building strength and mass to get you jacked, without overloading you so that you look bloated. This program aims to make you the biggest and most shredded guy in the gym. It is the perfect follow on to his program for skinny guys, once they have discovered a love for body building and have put on their first major weight.It is EVEN MORE PERFECT for natural mesomorphs or ‘Easy Gainers’ and it will allow them to maximise their full potential. I can’t speak highly enough of Jason and his programs and this is yet another that has helped me enormously. I would say from my experience it is the very best one out there.

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For those of you who want to be mentored and get access to up-to-date training and nutrition coaching, joining the ‘inner circle’ is the best resource you ask for! It is provides fantastic support with more programs than you could possibly imagine, each one tailored for the many different goals people have when training.

There is one on one coaching, supplement and dietary plans, videos and even a forum to interact with other people who are also taking advantage of Jason’s amazing knowledge of muscle building.

This is the stage that I took after I finished the 16 week Uncaged program and it is the best decision for my weight training that I have ever made! It really is no nonsense mesomorph workout training that is guaranteed give you the results and the body you deserve!


I am excited to hear all your stories on your muscle growth and I’ll post up some pictures in the next few weeks with my progress shots!

Keep at it guys!





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Power Lifting For Muscle Gain

Everyone knows the three essential power lifting movements that should form the core of every mesomorph workout. However often they are performed extremely poorly. For instance squats should always be arse to calf to begin with. When you can squat 2 ½ plates each side right down to your ankles (equates to 120 kilograms or 270lbs) then you can start thinking about 4 plate partials but until then you should try and make squats a full body workout. After you finish squatting you can always drop onto the leg press if you really want to finish off your quads.

I do understand this because nothing makes you look more jacked than having ripped quads underneath your swimming shorts on holiday. But squats are such a brilliant exercise that they should be done properly and then you can target and finish off your quads at the end of the workout. Hamstrings and calves are thoroughly worked during squats that drop deep into the hole and you should always make sure you do it that way.

The dead lift is just absolutely essential and after squats the one exercise you should perform once a week. Nothing will add thickness quite like it.

YES it is horrible.

YES it is going to smash your lats, delts and traps. You have to make sure that you put it in, even if you hate it.

In terms of the bench press, I think it is overrated. It puts a lot of pressure on your wrists and in terms building chest muscle there are so many other ways. I believe that you should always go back to dumbbells and push ups for a month then cycle back in bench press training. It is undoubtedly an effective muscle-building exercise but it is by no means essential.

I am a massive fan of bicep curls but this is purely from a vanity stand point. You can get great arms if you just squat and deadlift I just love the feeling of completely destroying your triceps and biceps. That pump is the best feeling from training in my opinion.

However I have to say that the mesomorph workout doesn’t need to include bicep curls or specific bicep training (put it in once every ten days though…training should be fun!)

Keep at it guys,


Specific Mesomorph Tips

A mesomorph has a body type that everyone at the gym will envy. If this is you then you will have a thick, strong, muscular upper body and will find it easy to burn fat and put on muscle. I certainly would have envied you six years ago and I have had to work hard everyday with a single-minded focus on my fitness. However if you are a mesomorph then any mesomorph workout will be beneficial, surely you don’t have to worry? All exercise will help you get bigger and burn more fat!


First of all I have a problem with this. Why settle for second best in your muscle building? Sure you already have a head start on an ectomorph but why not take that head start and use it to always be in the best shape at the gym. Realistically a mesomorph should always be ahead of a former ectomorph such as myself.

Check out this site to read my ectomorph transformation

However in reality this is not always the case, work gets in the way, the correct diet becomes hard and getting yourself to the gym becomes a drag.

But hey! You’re still in okay shape right? Not good enough.

I don’t understand why people would settle for second best. I have now got myself into the position where I can genuinely walk around my gym and believe I am in the best shape there. However I know some mesomorphs just have the genes where if they applied themselves they just have the muscle building genetics to be stronger, squat more, bench more and have thicker arms.

As it stands though, they don’t and I know that I am stronger than they are.


Now this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. I have learned through many years the best ways of attacking my body and I have learned to adapt my workouts to accommodate my changing shape. As a former ectomorph I have been through many bulking phases without ever having to cut. However now that I have the thick muscular build of a mesomorph I find that cutting to get shredded is important and workouts must change when in this cycle. Whilst there are specific mesomorph workouts for certain goals (bulking, cutting, increasing strength) you must decide where you are in the cycle and embrace the mindset of being in shape.

I reject the idea that ‘cardio kills gains’. Have you ever heard someone who was in seriously good shape say that? Sprint training is essential to cutting to get shredded and also running is a fantastic for your health. It gives you a strong healthy heart and releases endorphins which rejuvenate and energise the body. Combined with weight training (just run twice a week) it is a fantastic way to be in the best shape you can be. Especially because the mesomorph body type is typically more susceptible to putting on weight than an ectomorph.

Now clearly when bulking you want the compound movements: BENCH PRESS, SQUATS, DEADLIFTS. However these are only three exercises. Isolation workouts are still valuable.

For instance a mesomorph workout for biceps might consist of:

- 3 sets standing dumbbell and hammer curls

- 3 sets standing curl bar (drop set dumbbell)

- 2 sets close grip pull ups.

I always recommend drop sets. Why chip away at the muscle if you can throw a stick of dynamite at it and destroy it! Drop sets are that dynamite for mesomorphs.

That isolation exercise targeted at your biceps actually works out your delts, lats and abs at the same time; increasing the strength of your whole mesomorph frame. So it should not be ignored!

PLUS…ladies do love big arms.

Stay tuned for some more mesomorph workout posts in the future!


Advantage of your genetics

The advantages of being a mesomorph are numerous. This means a mesomorph workout can be intense and show great results from the very first session.

An ectomorph will have to toil against genes that make them naturally skinny and an ectomorph will have a high body fat percentage that they will have to shed before they can look great. All the body types when trained properly can look impressive but being born an mesomorph gives you an extra added advantage.

Muscle building mesomorph workout plans such as the varied workout regime suggested in this site focus on intense pre and post workout training. They aim to blast the muscles in your legs, biceps, neck and chest to make you ripped and lean and athletic. A mesomorph diet has a big advantage over the ectomorph in that they do not need to consume as many calories and put on fat as they put on muscle. They can eat clean and lean and will often see huge weight gains. Although the program suggested is not a free mesomorph workout program, it is (I believe) incredible value.

The resources at your disposal for keeping at optimum fitness with shredded abs and a dominant muscular frame are all there in the UNCAGED program that I recommend. It targets your core. Free workout routines or home workout routines cannot match the research and time that has gone into creating these workout routines for men. The Uncaged workout plan is packed with new and interesting bodybuilding workout routines along with classic the upper body workout routine of barbell bench press.

Not every gym workout program has to reinvent the wheel! In fact the best mesomorph workout program will often incorporate traditional exercise plans and exercise programs with newer more heavily researched weight training routines.

Health and fitness are obviously not always a huge concern for a big healthy mesomorph looking to get even bigger but weight training exercises can become their own cardio if done at the right intensity. Fitness workouts can come from just giving yourself less of a break between sets. This can almost turn any weight lifting exercise into a full body excursion.

Eventually you will find the perfect mesomorph workout for your own body but that will take years and until then the Uncaged program is a brilliant and motivating place to start!

Keep at it guys,


Best Mesomorph Training

A mesomorph is blessed with the best possible body shape for putting on muscle. We may not all start as mesomorphs but it is the ultimate aim of someone to get to this body type. It is the shape where you look the best, small waist, wide shoulders, large chest, ripped abs and solid muscular legs. You can go from being an ectomorph to a mesomorph, then when you have got the mesomorph body shape that is when you can start getting shredded and having the kind of body everyone wants.

Mesomorph Transformation

From Ectomorph to Mesomorph to RIPPED BEAST

Once you get that mesomorph body shape (or if you are lucky enough to be born with it it) this is when you have to properly start your journey to being big, muscular and ripped.

Mesomorph workouts must be heavy compound exercises; Bench, Squats and Dead Lifts. If you do these once a week then you can mix in some isolation work such as deltoids, biceps and triceps. However these exercises will work every part of the body and especially the core. Squats and dead lifts are much more effective at building sick, ripped abs, than sit-ups are.

Against lots of advice to the contrary I believe that cardio exercise is essential for mesomorph workouts, but it must be targeted correctly. There is no point doing a 12k plodding jog. However 5 sets of 3×15 second sprints (with a minute rest between each sprint) can help build your explosive potential. This will liquefy fat and give you that ripped look, where every muscle fibre is visible.

Stay tuned for more posts in the future.



Mesomorph Body Type

The mesomorph body type is the most prepared and ready to put on muscle. A natural mesomorph will already be tall and strong and have a low body fat percentage. Another advantage of the mesomorph is that they have the physicality to endure longer and more intense training sessions, more regularly than an ectomorph would be able to. This means with the correct carbohydrate, good fat and high protein diet a mesomorph can train effectively and intensely by going to the gym 5 times a week!

Although somatypes are not completely foolproof because most people are a mix of two of the somatypes (I am for instance an ecto-mesomorph) they still allow a guide for different training regimes. For instance if an ectomorph trains five times a week then their metabolism is so fast that they will go catabolic and burn all the muscle that they put on. This means that ectomorphs realistically have to take it slow to build muscle to begin with as their bodies are just not used to it.

Mesomorphs can use their naturally thick, strong muscular frame to start heavy and go from there! I would suggest compound movements (as everyone does!) because they are just so effective at thickening all the important non-beach muscles which strengthen your core and eventually make you look better when you do start cutting.

No one wants to be the guy at the gym or at the beach who is completely top heavy with skinny legs. It just look s ridiculous! So you need to get stuck into these exercises as intensely as possible. They provide a real full body intense workout that will train the legs and build everything.

I truly believe that these programs work and especially the Uncaged program, which I have had real success with. Clearly my days of putting on 32lbs in 3 months are over and now I am happy with 3lbs of pure muscle every 3 months. I have plateaued and obviously large muscle gains will be extremely difficult for me but Jason Ferruggia’s programs have made a real tangible difference and I cannot speak highly enough of them.

Dream big guys!


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