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This website is a personal blog of my experience with building mass, the right diets, and the most effective and essential supplements. I will detail my 8 week cutting diet and exercise regimes and also will feature specials on my 30 day bulking campaigns where I have put on close to 30lbs in the past. My diet is cyclical and is what affects my size and body fat, however my workouts always stay the same. I utilise exercise regimes compiled by Jason Ferruggia in his ‘Minimalist Training’ Program that focus on compound movements (Squats, Deadlifts, Yates Row) and I add heavy isolation exercises (leg press, weighted tricep drips and cheat curls) that are ALWAYS done to failure.

I believe that diet is the most important thing for body composition, however if you want to maximise your muscularity this must be combined with a workout plan that will allow you to train insane and maximise the effectiveness of every session. This means you train harder but less often, leaving the body more time to recover and grow. 

The ‘Minimalist Training’ program is the program that I have found the most valuable in my time training. It doesn’t have the fanciest visuals or the best graphics but what is does have is 25 years of lifting experience and a lifetimes worth of exercise programs that can be tailored to your specific timeframes and goals.

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If you are a mesomorph, then you are genetically pre-disposed to put on muscle with less effort than others. However I am a firm believer that somatotypes (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph) are fluid and are greatly affected by three things. The way you train, optimal nutrition and safe, effective supplementation. If you are an ectomorph or an endomorph do not despair! You can change your bodytype by focusing on these three areas; it’s not always easy but with a proven effective plan it works and it’s worth it.

High Intensity Workouts

You need a workout that enables you to max out your body and tear you to shreds so that you can get the muscles that matter. Everyone wants huge arms and an enormous chest. SO DO I! However you first need to be able to strengthen three areas to be able to have these muscles the ladies love;


This isn’t about spending half an hour a day doing crunches, no mesomorph actually does that.  Every single exercise should move through your core and that is why this is a priority but you build your core in all manner of ways.

The programs that Jason Ferruggia has put together are intense, you should train be pushing out that final rep like someone has a gun to you head! It may not be for everyone – however if you are prepared to put in the work then you can get fantastic results. He shows you how to build your core in conjunction with building mass and throwing a stick of dynamite to blow up your metabolism and muscular development.

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